Monday, October 19, 2009

My First Post!

Hey guys,

This is my first official post. As of now I have nothing to report simply because I just created the account and have been studying for a test Thursday.

But believe me, this week is already looking good for stupid news and in a few days I will have plenty of juice for all of you Anti-Partisans.

Let me explain who my fellow Anti-Partisans are first.

We are not the poster children for anarchists or cynics. We simply believe both of America's two parties are fundamentally flawed and need to either be overhauled or removed completely. The world is changing and we see they are not changing with it. We tend to be more moderate in the big picture but hold certain values dear to our hearts. (And those values are from both parties.)

And although I don't believe I will ever see Anti-Partisan on a ballot, but we feel strongly that we can influence our elected officials and are not afraid to vote to change things when its not what we want.

Please join my movement and make America an America people actually want.

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-The Anti-Partisan


  1. Hey chris i consider myself a conservative. just plain and simple and while i don't completely agree with you there are areas were we feel about the same. Good Luck Chris.

    RelishTheTruth or GovernmentGuru

  2. If you can make good on your promise in this post then I will be a regular reader; I dabble in politics, but otherwise agree with everything you've said. Good luck!